Goodbye Blogger, Hello Static Site

The Verification Gentleman Blog will be moving from Blogger.

While Blogger was a great platform to start on, especially considering the fact that it's 100% free, I feel that I've outgrown it.

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The dummy users created for comment authors on Blogger now have the title Imported from Blogger, and their names are now shortened. This makes for better looking posts.

It seems that FeedBurner does still support email subscriptions, since I got an email about this post.

That’s great news! I always loved to read your blog. It’s inspired me to push my SV and UVM skills forward, and I’m really happy it goes on to leave a new, refreshing life :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing with us!

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Thanks for the write-up. I’m very much in the same boat. Blogger is unbelievably bad and seems to get worse. HTML corruption seems to be the only feature they have added recently. Might pick your brain for how to set up URL scheme to mimic blogger. (Not that it matters in practice for my case though. Never set up a custom domain so unless I buy the old URLs will die when I migrate anyway)

FYI, it looks like RSS works. Got a bunch of your posts a couple of days ago in my RSS reader. Happy blogging!

Didn’t change yet. Currently, the Jekyll blog is at