How Do I Transfer Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

I'll be giving a talk this week at DVCon Europe about how to use the UVM REG classes to verify memory sub-systems. In particular, I'll focus on how to translate from abstract memory burst accesses (the kind started by calling uvm_mem::burst_read/write(...)) to bus transactions. This isn't as easy as translating register accesses where an adapter is enough, mainly because an adapter can't process accesses that are bigger than the underlying bus width.

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Thanks! There’s some fun math to try here. How’d your talk go, and where can we find a link to the paper?

The talk went ok, but not stellar (mostly, I guess, because it wasn’t a topic of general interest). The proceedings should be available online sometime soon. I’ll post a link when they are.

Great article as usual Tudor! Can’t wait for the paper!

Very nice post!

One small hint: You can pull the unifications directly into the head, shortening your code a bit and making it immediately clear what the argument is:

gen_mem_burst(mem_burst(Len, Bursts)) :-

Actually, you can also improve the name, since this predicate can not only be used to generate, but also to test the argument. So mem\_burst/1 would be a nice declarative name for a predicate that works in several directions.

The proceedings are up at