Testing SVA Properties and Sequences

After a pretty long absence, it’s finally time to complete the series on unit testing interface UVCs. I meant to write this post in October/November 2016. While writing the code, I got bogged down by a simulator bug and tried to find an elegant work around, but failed. I got frustrated and shelved the work for a while. In the meantime I got caught up with technical reading and with taking online courses. I’ve also been pretty busy at work, putting in quite a bit of overtime, which left without much energy to do anything blog related. Well, enough excuses, it’s time to get to it…

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Hi Tudor, I tried your lib for checking SVA with SVUnit and it worked fine on my side. I’m facing issues when I try to reuse propertied from an interface (not a package). Is it supported ?

It compiles, but the behaviour is really strange and different from when importing from a package.

Example: expect(my_if.prop)

Are you allowed to use property from a different place than a package ?